The power of prayer for our bothers and sisters in Christ during this dark time is the most effective thing all believers can do.  Pray for their safety, courage to stand strong, and pray that barriers to restoration of the peace, relief aid, rebuilding lives be removed today.   Pray that Christians in India and around the world will support efforts to stop this current cycle of violence and murders as the national and state elections approach to prevent a mass genocide of hundreds of thousands or even millions if not checked now.

1. Pray for a movement of God in withdrawing the 'Hate Campaigns' against Christians and true reconciliation between the majority Hindu and minority populations.

2. Pray that all Christian leaders denounce loudly ANY murder of the Extremist Hindu leaders by the Maoists rebel gunman.

3. Pray that the Orissa State and the Centre India government will move quickly and decisively to prevent any renewal of the genocidal violence against the Christian minority.

4. Pray for the thousands of Christians who live relief camps to be able to go back home safely and securely.

5. Pray that God would minister, console and encourage all and remove their fears.

6. Pray for reconciliation in the effected communities, the rebuilding of victims lives, houses, churches and mission centers burnt in the violence.

  1. 8.Pray for the 51 different IMA member missions that are working in Orissa. Some of the most affected missions are HVM, IEA, IEHC, IGOSA, AGSM, RHS, OFU, C&SM, AJI, FMPB, NMS, IMS, IEM, NPMI, NLFI, NF and many others.

Please see the 2008 Reports pages for prayer points from Indian Leaders.

Prayer is Our First Priority

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